Traveling by Flixbus with a bicycle

For some people, it is a matter of honour to cover the whole distance from the doorstep of their home to their final destination by bike. But I want to ride my bike where I want to ride it and, if possible, skip some boring stretches and save some time, especially when my time is limited. 

I had my fair share of taking bikes on planes, trains, buses. Sometimes my friend say that I travel more WITH the bike than BY bike.

It can get super complicated, though. Find a box to pack the bike. Unscrew everything, deflate the tires, protect the derailleur and sprockets, fight with the pedals stuck in the threads. Realise that the box you have is probably too small. Find a way to transport the gigantic box to the airport. Sweat, tears and blood. 

It is sometimes not only exhausting but also costly. If you are travelling around Europe, Flixbus can be your ally for cheap and uncomplicated transportation of your bicycle.

Flixbus is maybe not the fastest and not the most comfortable carrier, yet their policy is super bike-friendly. 

For a range of routes, they use bike racks, so you can transport your bike on the back of the bus without having to disassemble and pack it. It saves you some time and effort. I’ve read about theft attempts of bikes transported this way, when the buses stopped in the city centre, so better use a lock to secure your bike. 

Keep in mind that this service is only offered from March to November and only on selected routes. If this service is not available, you can still transport your bike in the luggage compartment. It will, however, require you to contact the customer service first and check if the selected bus has enough space.


Below, you can find a list of selected routes that allow transportation of the bicycle on a luggage rack:

  • Riga – Vilnus – Białystok – Warsaw
  • Warsaw – Dresden – Brussels
  • Wrocław – Dresden – Munich
  • Warsaw – Berlin – Hamburg
  • Warsaw – Płock – Toruń – Bydgoszcz – Szczecin
  • Berlin – Cracow – Rzeszów
  • Szczecin – Wrocław – Cracow – Zakopane
  • Cracow – Wrocław
  • Poznań – Katowice – Zakopane
  • Tallinn – Ryga – Kaunas – Łomża – Warsaw
  • Warsaw – Dresden – Munich
  • Medyka – Frankfurt – Rotterdam
  • Terespol – Warsaw – Berlin – Lübeck
  • Szczecin – Zakopane
  • Warsaw – Katowice – Budapest
  • Amsterdam – Dresden – Medyka
  • Cracow – Banska Bistrica – Budapest
  • Warsaw – Cracow – Budapest
  • Cracow – Munich
  • Dresden – Düsseldorf – Maastricht
  • Berlin – Wrocław – Katowice
  • Warsaw – Elbląg – Gdańsk
  • Cracow – Wrocław – Berlin – Copenhagen
  • Medyka – Karpacz


Flixbus’s low fares are their main strength and are difficult to compete with. 

The rates for taking a bike are around 10 € on all courses, which is very reasonable, and no airlines can beat it. The tickets are usually cheaper than the train tickets, especially in Western Europe. 

Bike Trip ideas

Medyka and the wild Ukrainian Carpathians

From where? Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dresden, Wroclaw

You’ve probably never even heard the name of this village in the very southeast of Poland. Being is a rather provincial and uninteresting place where nothing ever happens, Medyka is a perfect getaway to wild and unspoiled Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. There you can experience real outdoor adventure, exceptional hospitality and the rich culture of this ethnically diverse region. 

Copenhagen and the Swedish West Coast

From where? Berlin, Warsaw, Wroclaw

Enjoy your stay in the cycling capital of the world. Then take a bike ferry from Helsingør (Elsinore) to Helsingborg. It costs 6 €, and you can take your bike onboard free of charge, timetable and more information here) and from there, head on Kattegattleden – a stunning 390 kilometres long coastal route. It was named ​​European Cycle Route of the Year in 2018.

Budapest-Vienna along the Danube

From where? To Budapest from Warsaw, Cracow. To Vienna from Berlin, Amsterdam

The scenic Danube Cycling Path is one of the most popular cycling routes in Europe. You will visit three European capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna on the course of 300 km. The trail is perfect for beginner cycle tourists. The infrastructure is well developed, and the route is rather flat, so an average person will easily survive it. Besides the three capitals, one of the highlights is the charming and historical town of Visegrad. Plan also some extra time for relaxing on the Danube sandy beaches. 

The Netherlands – a paradise for cyclists

From where? Amsterdam from Dresden, Krakow, Düsseldorf.

The Netherlands is the perfect destination for your first bike tour regardless of your age, stamina and experience. Don’t limit yourself to touristy Amsterdam, there are plenty of things to do and see in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Groningen. And if you need some quiet time in nature, visit Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, Zeeland or Friesland.


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